Blythewood SC Homes for Sale

Blythewood, NE of Columbia, has become one of the fastest growing cities in the Greater Columbia area. Located less than an hour away from Charlotte, Blythewood offers more of a small town lifestyle versus city life. Families can enjoy large home sites, with great outdoor spaces. The town originally known as Doko, was known to service steam engines with water supply as they went through the town.  Equally strong in its history is its farming industry, with much of the produce being sold locally.  Given Blythewood’s wide-open terrain, it has become home to USC’s Equestrian center also the training ground for the US Olympic equestrian teams. Horse lovers are welcomed in Blythewood, and the city hosts many regional equestrian events.  Not to be left behind, comes the golf Community. Once again, Blythewood services USC’s team at the golf center site in Cobblestone Park.

The most recent expansion has been the development of Doko Meadows. This exciting 25-acre park is focused on becoming a social hub for recreation, music and arts, celebration events, cook-offs and competitions. The park will feature a water front 2500 seat amphitheater, sculpture gardens, walking trails, wooded walking trails, all in all making Blythewood a town to know.

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