Columbia SC Real Estate Market

Nov. 23, 2018

Columbia SC Real Estate Market Update

October 2018

If the last few months are an indication of the temperature of housing markets
across the country, a period of relative calm can be expected during the last three
months of the year. A trend of market balance is emerging as we approach the end
of 2018. Prices ...

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Oct. 18, 2018

Columbia SC Real Estate Market Update

September 2018

Some economy observers are pointing to 2018 as the final period in a long string of
sentences touting several happy years of buyer demand and sales excitement for
the housing industry. Although residential real estate should continue along a mostly
positive line for the rest of the year ...

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Sept. 18, 2018

Columbia SC Real Estate Market Update

August 2018

Rising home prices, higher interest rates, and increased building material costs have
pressured housing affordability to a ten-year low, according to the National
Association of Home Builders. Keen market observers have been watching this
situation take shape for quite some time. Nationally, median household income has
risen 2 ...

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Aug. 23, 2018

Columbia SC Real Estate Market Update

July 2018

Housing price bubble chatter has increased this summer, as market observers
attempt to predict the next residential real estate shift. It is too early to predict a
change from higher prices and lower inventory, but the common markers that
caused the last housing cooldown are present. Wages are ...

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July 19, 2018

Columbia SC Real Estate Market Update

June 2018

Housing markets across the nation are most assuredly active this summer, and
buyer competition is manifesting itself into several quick sales above asking price.
While the strength of the U.S. economy has helped purchase offers pile up, the Fed
recently increased the federal funds rate by 0 ...

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June 27, 2018

Columbia SC Real Estate Market Update

May 2018

Just like last year at this time, prospective home buyers should expect a competitive
housing market for the next several months. With payrolls trending upward and
unemployment trending downward month after month in an extensive string of
positive economic news, demand remains quite strong. Given the fact that ...

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May 25, 2018

Columbia SC Real Estate Market Update

April 2018

Many sellers and builders are in a good position for financial gains, as the economy
continues to favor putting existing homes on the market and building new homes for
sale. We are finally beginning to see some upward movement in new listings after at
least two years of ...

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April 20, 2018

Columbia SC Real Estate Market Update

March 2018

New residential real estate activity has been relatively slow in the first quarter of
2018, yet housing is proving its resiliency in a consistently improving economy.
Some markets have had increases in signed contracts, but the vast majority of the
nation continues to experience fewer closed sales and ...

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March 20, 2018

Columbia SC Real Estate Market Update

February 2018

The three most prominent national market trends for residential real estate are the
ongoing lack of abundant inventory, the steadily upward movement of home prices
and year-over-year declines in home sales. Sales declines are a natural result of
there being fewer homes for sale, but higher prices often ...

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Feb. 19, 2018

Columbia SC Real Estate Market Update

January 2018

Last year, U.S. consumers seemed to be operating with a renewed but cautious
optimism. The stock market was strong, wages were edging upwards and home
buying activity was extremely competitive. Not much has changed in 2018 in terms
of those measures, yet there is a sort of ...

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